Program Information

Our Royal Knight Academy is our new program replacing our Mini-Knight groups for swimmers ages 9 & under.  With 3 levels, swimmers can now join the program as early as passing Red Cross Level 1!  Class sizes are small, with 5-6 swimmers/coach in each course maximizing the attention your swimmer receives!  With coaches in the water for hands-on teaching, swimmers receive assistance with skills and the opportunity to practice and master these skills within arms reach of the coaches.

Pre-requisite for lowest group:

  • Completed all preschool lessons or Swim For Life Swimmer 1
  • Comfortable with head fully underwater
  • Float in starfish on front and back for 3 seconds
  • Flutter kick for 5m front/back with a kickboard
  • Front swim for 5m
Currently this program is a sessional offering with 10-12 classes in a session, offered in a once or twice a week capacity.
  • RKA White
  • RKA Red
  • RKA Red/Black Combo
  • RKA Black

Swimmers who can swim multiple 25s of front crawl and back stroke should look into our Development Program.


Our Development Program is our main precompetitive program for our 10 & under swimmers and an entry point for 11-13 year olds interested in competition.

Pre-requisites for Bronze:

  • Passed RKA Black Group or Swim for Life Swimmer 4
  • 25m of freestyle (front crawl) and backstroke unassisted
  • 4x25 freestyle @1:30
  • At ease or comfortable in deep water

This program runs September to June, with special two week development camps through July and August available.  Competitions are encouraged through these groups.

Swimmers are divided into 3 groups based on their abilities and previous swim experience.

10&U Swimmers

  • Bronze - 2x week
  • Silver - 3x week
  • Gold - 4x week

11-13 Swimmers

  • Gold 11 - 4xweek

**New this Season**

Weekend Groups for 11&U Swimmers.  Great for BCSSA swimmers!

  • Weekend Bronze - Sat/Sun
  • Weekend Silver - Sat/Sun

Swimmers in these groups are working on all 4 competitive strokes and competitive skills.  They will attend both in-house competitions as well as local development meets with other local teams.

Surrey Knights Swim Club is a professionally-led, athlete-focused and parent-supported swim club, striving to provide opportunities to achieve excellence in life through swimming.

These groups serve a wide range of ages and abilities ranging from 10&U new competitive swimmers through to senior national level athletes.


  • Under 4mins 200IM
  • Legal in all 4 competitive strokes
  • Can do a racing start and flip turns

Groups from September through to July.  Swimmers are grouped by ages and abilities.

  • Youth Regional - 11&U LMR
  • Competitive 2 - 12&O LMR
  • Competitive 1 - 13&O LMR Champs/3:00 200IM
  • Youth Performance - 12&U LMR Champs/Divisional
  • Junior Performance - 13-14 Divisional/12 Provincial
  • Senior - 15&O Divisional
  • High Performance Red - 13&Over Provincial
  • High Performance Black - 15&Over Provincial and 14 year old Western Qualifiers

Our Community Fitness program is designed for swimmers 11 & Over just getting into competitive swimming or swimmers who wish to participate in swimmer but not compete.


  • Swim for Life Swimmer 6 or Youth Swimmer 2/3
  • 100m front crawl, 50 backstroke, 50 breaststroke
  • legal whip kick

Group runs September through to June, with special two week summer camps in July and August. 

Swimmers in this stream are broken into two ability levels:

  • Novice
  • Advanced

Swimmers will participate in in-house competitions throughout the season, and swimmers who express an interest in competing more, will be given the opportunity to attend development competitions.  Once a swimmer reaches under 4mins in the 200IM, they can move to the competitive stream if they wish, or remain in community fitness advanced.  For 11-13 year olds wanting to compete and train more than twice a week, check out Gold 11 under our Development program.

This is programming for Adults that are swimming for fitness, competition or for cross training.


  • 17&Over (must be 18 to attend competitions)
  • ability to swim 100m (4 lengths) front crawl continuously (Swim for Life Swimmer 6, Youth Swimmer 2/3, Adult Swimmer 2/3)

This program runs Sept-June, with July being optional.  You can either attend via a set monthly schedule, or purchase a drop in card for 10 swims.

Swimmers who are interested in attending swim competitions will be given the opportunity to attend them.

Outdoor Summer League

New program this season!  Our outdoor summer league start in July and runs for 6 weeks with 5 days a week (no weekends!). 

With two time slots available divided by age, there will be a small racing opportunities 1-3 times through the course of the camps.  This summer league is designed for swimmers who are able to swim 50m, up to 4mins in the 200IM.

Summer Camp Program

Summer Camps

Three 2-week Summer Camps sessions, running workouts 3 days a week at SSLC and Guildford.

10&U Camps - swimmer 5 & Up (25m front crawl and backstroke)

11&O Camps - swimmer 6 & Up (50m front crawl and backstroke)


Looking for a longer summer session with some racing?  Check out our summer league!

For 9&U swimmers between swimmer 1-4, please see out Royal Knights Academy Summer Sessions