Surrey Knights Club Consent & Registration Accord

Applicable to: Youth Regional Community Fitness Novice Bronze Community Fitness Advanced Competitive 2 Waitlist - Community Fitness Silver Competitive 1 Youth Performance Gold Junior Performance Para-Development High Performance Red Waitlist - Development High School Competitive High Performance Black

I hereby acknowledge that I am the parent or legal guardian for the swimmer(s) registered with the Surrey Knights Swim Club. I also acknowledge that I am a member of the Surrey Knights Swim Club and I agree:


  • that SKSC's basic aim is to promote "personal excellence" in a competitive swimming environment.
  • to release SKSC and its successors or assigns from any and all actions, claims or causes of action arising out of instruction to my/our child/ward or arising out of any swim meet or other function attended or sponsored by the  SKSC.
  • that the SKSC Coaches are responsible for the swim program and their decisions are final.
  • to take my concerns about the program and the operations to either the Head Coach, Parent/Coach Liaison or the Club President.
  • to attend general meetings; and parent information meeting.
  • that I have read, understood and agree with the SKSC Safe Sport Policies for all swimmers, guardians, coaches and officials associated with my account.
    • that I have read, understood and agree with the Social Media Policy for all swimmers, guardians, coaches and officials associated with my account.
  • that I have read, understood and agree with Swim BC/Swimming Canada - Use of Personal Information for all swimmers, guardians, coaches and officials associated with my account.


  • understand and authorize that SKSC may use for educational and/or promotional purposes, any film, videotape, photograph or audio recording in which my child has participated.
  • understand and authorize that SKSC may use for the purposes of the website, social media, club portfolio, and promotional materials,  my swimmer's names and any photographs in which my child has participated in.
  • understand that SKSC has no control over names released or photos used by other clubs.  For example - overall results being posted on another team's website.


  • to pay the SKSC fees in the following manner:
  • Registration Fees: pay upon online registration by credit card the following
    • SKSC Family Registration Fee (as per SKSC Constitution)
    • Required team gear kit for each swimmer.
    • SWIM  B.C./SNC registration fees (paid annually) equivalent to my swimmer(s) age and competition level
      • Registration fee covers September to August of each season
  • SKSC Training Fee payment on September 1st or 1st training month
    • This yearly fee can be paid either annually, or for your convenience, monthly
    • Accepted payments are post dated cheques or credit card. Cash is not preferred, however will only be accepted for an annual payment if a receipt can be provided.
  • Volunteer Assessments
    • This yearly fee is assessed on July 1st
    • Job credits are earned towards this assessment (July preceding season to June of current season) at $5/credit
    • Any unearned portion of your volunteer assessment will be processed on the credit card on file on July 1st.
  • Swim Meets: if my swimmer(s) signs up for a competition I am responsible for any entry fees, late scratch fees or associated upgrades in registration.  
    • Entry fee refunds will only be given upon receipt of a doctor's note that can be presented to the meet host.  
    • Payment can be by credit card on file.  Fees are payable at SKSC deadlines.
  • Equipment:
    • if I place an order for equipment I am responsible for the costs as outlined on the equipment order form
    • If my swimmer requests a cap at workout or swim meet, I am responsible for the cost of cap as added onto account
  • that I will keep an up to date credit card on file at all times, regardless of preferred form of payment
    • Any second and subsequent declines in a season will be assessed a $10 fee.
  • if a cheque is returned by the bank, I will pay for the associated bank fees incurred by the club
    • Any second or subsequent returned cheques in a season will be assessed an additional $10 admin fee in addition of the bank fees incurred by the club.
    • Club reserves right to refuse cheques from families with multiple NSF/returned cheques
  • if my monthly invoice goes past due by 21 days without payment and/or without communication regarding payment issue, a $15 late fee will be added to my account


  • Before start of season (all members)
    • All fees are refundable less $15 admin fee/swimmer
  • First two weeks (New Members only)
    • Swim BC and SKSC registrations fees are non-refundable.  Training fees are refundable less $15 admin fee if they've been processed.
  • Within First month (New Members only)
    • All registration fees and 1st month training fees are non-refundable.
  • Returning Members and New Members Beyond 1 Month
    • it is my responsibility to inform with 1 full month's written notice from the 1st of the month that I wish to withdraw to the Club Registrar if my swimmer quits before the end of the swim year.  No partial month refunds.
    • No refunds for notices given after April 1st.
    • If you will be swimming in the months of May/June, there is no refund for June/July.
    • Volunteer assessments will be prorated, any earned credits applied, and unearned portions billed
  • Swimmers that paid annually by cheque who withdraw before the end of the season, will be assessed the training fees for the month's participated in at the full rate.
  • Missed practices resulting from illness, other activities, vacation, schedule conflicts, etc... are not subject to refund 
  • Exception:
    • due to medical reasons with provided doctor's note and length of time out of program is longer than two weeks.
  • that the club retains the right to refund training fees within 30 days of registration should my swimmer not have the proficiency required for his /her age or group.  


  • to participate in Official Clinics.  (Please note that SKSC has volunteer official commitments for any competition that SKSC participates in.)
  • to assist with swim meets by officiating at the meets and taking billets, if applicable.
  • to remain in designated viewing areas unless volunteering or by a coaches' permission.
    • Failure to remain in appropriate areas might result in swimmer being removed from meet by meet management


  • understand that volunteer assessments are mandatory for participation in SKSC regardless of group except Masters and sessional programs.
  • understand that SKSC club fees are subsided by fundraising activities and that my participation is vital to the financial success of SKSC.
  • that if I do not meet my Volunteer requirements that my unearned Volunteer credits will be retained as SKSC general revenue.  (For full details on Volunteer requirements please see website)
  • I understand that any unearned portion of my assessment will be invoiced at $5/unearned credit on July 1st or upon withdrawal.
  • I acknowledge that I agree for unearned assessments to be processed on credit card on July 1st or in the case of an early withdrawal, when finalizing account.


  • in the event of a medical emergency involving my child/ward and I can not be reached, authorize the SKSC official chaperone, or the attending SKSC coach, to authorize whatever medical aid is deemed necessary by the attending physician.  I will be responsible for any and all costs associated with any necessary medical attention and/or treatment.

I have read and understand my obligations as a member of the Knights Swim Club (SKSC)