SKSC Winterfest - Ethan makes divisionals and 23 new provincial swims

February 6, 2024
SKSC Winterfest
Our full competitive team was out at Guildford this past weekend for the SKSC Winterfest.  94 Knights entered the water ranging in age from 8 to 18!  Once again a big shout out to all our parent volunteers for making this weekend happen.  With three full sessions we were able to almost staff the meet with SKSC parents alone!  Great job team!  With lots of swimmers attending the energy was high and the swimmers had fun, with lots of swimmers from varying groups stepping up to race on their home turf.
First off a warm welcome to our 10 first time competitors to sanctioned meets.  Congratulations to Zoey Z, Bailey T, Melissa Z, Aiden C, Alex L, Reyna D, Adam G, Tatyana A, Brian S, and Abhiman T for attending their first official competition!
Leanne C once again put her name in the record books, notching 3 new 11-12 club records.  Leanne set new marks in the 50BK, 100BK and 50BR.
While no new swimmers qualified for provincials, with some qualifying just the day before long course, we had a whole bunch of swimmers add new events to their provincial event list, totaling 23 new provincial swims:
Leanne C 1500FR, 200BK
Anas H - 100BK

Sarina C 800FR, 200IM
Christian E - 50Br
Phoebe L - 50FR/BK/BR/FL Justin D 50BK, 50FL, 100FL
Raneem H 400IM
Joshua K - 50FR
Charlotte M 100FR
Matthew S(JP) - 200IM
Martin V - 100FR
Kane P 200FL
Andy P - 50FR/100FR/200IM
Preston S - 200FR
On the Divisionals side, Ethan B earned his first Divisional cut in the 11-12 50FR!  Congratulations!  This qualifies them for the upcoming BC Vancouver and Fraser Divisional Meet hosted by SKSC at the end of February.  Adding new swims to their event list include:
Evan L 100BK/200FR/200BK
Sean W 50BK/200BK/200FR
Aaron G 50BR
Kelan Z 100FL/400FR/800FR
Julissa V 50BK/100FR
Kehan Z 400IM/1500FR
Emma Q - 200FL/50BR
Eric Z 50FL/100FL/200FR/800FR
In the 200IM, Sarah H and Ethan B also earned their LMR Championship times for 11-12 year olds, breaking 3:30 in the 200IM.
Going 100% on best times across the weekend include:
Ethan B
Jeffrey C
Leanne C
Sarina C
Noah C
Justin D
Christian E
Adam G
Matthew H
Sarah H
Minhoo L
Jihoo L
Ella L
Brian L
Evan L
Idris LB
Phoebe L
Aaron N
Kaz N
Zaahur SA
Brian S
Ruiting W
Sean W
Eric Z
Jason Z
Kelan Z
Zoey Z
And while there were lots of amazing swims over the weekend, including those noted above, here are a few the coaches would like to highlight for non-standard reasons:
  • Max B posted a solid 400IM with one of his best swims on the season on his comeback journey
  • Preston S broke 2mins for the first time in the 200FR after his fade shave
  • Aaron N just 0.1 off his first divisional time in 50FL
  • Jason Z had great underwater off his starts all weekend and inched his way closer to his divisionals times.
  • Audrey L with a well split and consistent 200BK
  • Julissa V finishing strong on her 100m events
  • Ella L executing her 100BK race plan resulting in a 2sec drop
  • Jonathan Z coming back stronger on his second 50 in the 100FL
  • Ryan L going under 30sec in the 50FR
  • Meehika M negative splitting her 100BK resulting in a 5 sec shave
  • Evan L shifting his focus from standards and PBs to the steps and process and thinking less, leading to his best meet of the season thus far!
Next up for our Knights is our first championship meet of the year, the LMR Open in Richmond next weekend!