LMR Open - Aaron N qualifies for Divisionals!

February 14, 2024
The Surrey Knights were out in Richmond for the first championship meet of the season with the LMR Open.  For many this meet served as a last chance to qualify or earn divisionally qualified swims and for others served as their first higher level meet.  The 25 swimmers from our Youth Regional, Youth Performance and Competitive 2 groups just coming off our own meet the previous weekend raced hard through the tough double.
Aaron N for earning his first 12&U Divisional time in the 200BR.  This was a huge swim for him, as less than 5 mins earlier he narrowly missed the standard in the 50Fl, however he was able to bounce back and shave 10 secs from his best time!  The ability to move past disappointment and get ready for the next race is an important skill for swimmers to have and being able to do so at only 10 years old is remarkable.  Congratulations!  Also adding new divisional swims to their event list were Sean W in the 100BK, 200IM and 400FR, and Evan L in the 50FR and 800FR.
Going 100% best times across the weekend were Aaron G, Evan L, Emily L, Sean W, and Cayden Y.
While there are many swims that were fantastic across the weekend, including some previously mentioned, here are some swims the coaches would like to highlight that don’t fit the typical criteria above:
  • Ethan B with his negative split 100FR and coming back hard in his 200FR.
  • Samuel Y breaking 3mins in the 200FR
  • Sophia and Audrey racing head to head in the 200IM both dropping 10+secs
  • Vincent T 50Br with great underwater pull outs and consistent strokes throughout the whole race!
  • Jonathan Z went under 2:30 in his 200 FR as a result in committing to his breakouts
  • Yenul DS Went a best time in his 200 BR keeping his underwater pullouts consistent
  • Ella L had a strong 50 BK performance, learning to simply go without hesitation
And finally, here were our top 8 finishers from the weekend:
  • Cayden Y 10&U - 1st 200BK, 3rd 50BK, 4th 50FR/100FR, 6th 200IM
  • Jason Z 10&U - 3rd 200BK, 4th 50BK/50FL, 6th 100FR/100BR, 7th 200IM
  • Aaron N 10&U - 1st 400IM, 2nd 200BR/50FL, 3rd 200FR, 4th 200IM, 5th 100Fl
  • Samuel Y 10&U- 7th 100BR, 8th 50BK
  • Ruiting Y 10&U- 6th 50Fl, 7th 100Fl, 8th 100BK
  • Emily L 10&U - 2nd 200BK
  • Hiro N 10&U - 6th 200BK
  • Kaz N 10&U - 5th 200BK
  • Audrey L 10&U - 3rd 200BR
  • Ethan B 11-12 - 3rd 50FR, 8th 100FR
  • Evan L 11-12 - 2nd 800FR, 8th 50FR
  • Sean W 11-12 - 1st 100BK, 4th 200IM, 5th 400FR
  • Tintin T 13-14 - 6th 200BR, 8th 400FR
  • Ella L 13-14 - 5th 100BK
  • Dwayne SP 13-14 - 5th 100BK
  • Yenul DS 13-14 - 6th 200BR
Great job team!