Delta LMR Write Up 179 best times!

April 9, 2024
44 of our competitive swimmers from a range of groups were out in Delta for a quick meet before Spring Break.  Kids were excited for the week off to come and the extra energy of being done school helped power some fantastic racing!  The group went 179 best times across the two days!
Reaching their LMR Champs/Open standards in the 200IM were Samuel Y and Adam G, breaking 3:30 for the first time.  Great swim boys!  No new divisional qualifiers, however both Aaron N and Kelan Z added more events to their list, with Aaron earning them in the 100BK/200BK/100BR and Kelan earning them in the 50BK/100BK/50BR/50FL. 
11 swimmers were 100% for best times: Ethan B, Sarah H, Audrey L, Emily L, Sophia M, Meehika M, Kaz H, Bailey T, Olivia Y, Zoey Z, Kelan Z, 
Other notable swims include:
  • Alex L rocked his first ever 200BR and 200BK with solid swims
  • Sophia M and Aaron N showed great stroke rates through their 200BK
  • Jason Z 200BR with a 20sec+ PB
  • Ruiting Y 200BK and 200IMs were solid swims showing improvements in the longer races
  • Adam G, Abhiman T, Meehika M, Reyna D, and Brian S raced 4 out of the 5 200 meter events 
  • Brian C, Brian Z, Ella L, Yenul S raced their first 400IM
  • Adam G raced his 200FR with high efforts resulting in a near 8 second drop
  • Meehika M broke 3mins in her 200 FR, dropped 15 sec in 200IM, and 13 sec in her 100FL 
Next up for these Knights is the Spartan Rubber Ducky 11&U meet and RMSC April Invitational.